7 Types of Lead Magnets That Convert Leads Into Customers!

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The goal of a lead magnet is to quickly capture interest and convert leads into customers or website visitors into leads or subscribers.

A lead magnet is an offer you make that entices readers to give you their contact information.

Savvy eCommerce site owners, online marketers, and retailers understand the value of an opt-in offer and use lead magnets to boost conversion rates and cultivate customer loyalty.

In this post, we’ll take a look at seven types of lead magnets that can help turn leads into customers.

1. eBooks & Whitepapers (We think are best to convert leads into customers).

Ebooks are a great way to provide valuable information to your leads while also promoting your brand.

They can be used to educate leads about your products or services or to provide helpful tips and advice on a relevant topic.

eBooks can be distributed via email or as downloads from your website.

Whitepapers are similar to ebooks, but they tend to be more in-depth and focused on a specific issue or problem.

They are often used by businesses to showcase their expertise on a particular subject and can be distributed in the same way as ebooks. We love these types of lead magnets at OpenRead.io.

2. Checklists & Cheat sheets.

Checklists are simple but effective lead magnets that can be used to provide valuable information to your leads.

They can be used to list the steps involved in a particular process or to provide a checklist of items that need to be considered when making a purchase decision.

Checklists and cheat sheets are great lead magnets because they are:

  • Concise and to the point.

Perfect for busy people who want quick information

easy to scan and understand, ideal for people who want a quick overview of a subject

  • Portable and convenient.

Perfect for people who want to take their information with them

Both can also be distributed via email or as downloads from your website.

3. Templates.

Templates are an excellent type of lead magnet because they provide value and can be used to create custom documents or presentations.

You can distribute templates via email or as downloads from your website.

Keep in mind that your goal is to provide value with your lead magnet, so make sure that your templates are high quality and useful.

If you provide value, you’ll be rewarded with leads who are more interested in what you have to offer.

Templates are another simple but effective lead magnet that can provide value to your leads.

They can be used to create custom documents or presentations or to provide helpful tools for completing a task.

These too can be distributed via email or as downloads from your website.

4. Free Trials & Samples.

If you have a product or service that can be sampled or tested, then offering a free trial or sample is a great way to generate leads.

Free trials allow leads to test out your product or service before making a purchase decision, while samples give them a taste of what they can expect if they do decide to buy.

Samples are an excellent way to give your leads a taste of what you have to offer without requiring them to make a purchase.

They can be used for physical products, such as food or cosmetics, or digital products, such as software or apps.

Both free trials and samples can be distributed via email or as downloads from your website.

5. Sample Chapters from an Upcoming Book.

If you’re an author or publishing a book soon, you can use a sample chapter from your book as a lead magnet.

Visitors can read a portion of your book without having to make a purchase, and if they enjoy what they’ve read they’ll be more likely to buy the full book when it’s released.

You can also include an opt-in form at the end of the sample chapter so that visitors can sign up to receive notifications about your upcoming book release.

6. Audio Recording or Video Training.

An audio recording or video training is another great type of lead magnet, especially if you’re selling products or services that require some level of instruction or training.

By providing helpful audio recordings or videos, you can show your prospects that you’re an expert in your field and build trust with potential customers before they even make a purchase.

You can offer these recordings for free on your website or as part of a paid membership program.

7. Exclusive Discounts or Coupons.

People love getting discounts and coupons, so offering exclusive discounts or coupons is an excellent way to generate leads and conversions.

Exclusive discounts and coupons can be a powerful lead magnet, providing an incentive for potential customers to sign up for your email list or follow you on social media.

By offering a discount or coupon code that can only be redeemed by new subscribers, you can encourage people to sign up for your mailing list in order to take advantage of the deal.

By offering exclusive discounts and coupons, you can quickly build up a loyal following of customers who are interested in taking advantage of your deals.

You can promote your discount or coupon code through:

  • Social media.
  • Email marketing.
  • Banner ads.
  • Using hashtags and other marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your website or landing page.

Once on your website or landing page, visitors can enter their contact information (or sign up for your email list) to receive their exclusive discount code.

Convert Leads: Conclusion

Lead magnets are powerful tools that every business owner, online marketer, and retailer should be using to boost conversion rates and cultivate customer loyalty.

In this post, we’ve taken a look at seven types of lead magnets that can help turn leads into customers: eBooks, guides, templates, free trials and samples, audio recordings and videos, exclusive discounts, and coupons.

We hope this list has given you some ideas for lead magnets that you can use on your own site.

By offering one or more of these lead magnets on your website, you can increase conversion rates, build customer loyalty, and generate more sales.

If you’re serious about increasing your sales, you should check out OpenRead.io, a complete lead magnet solution that allows you to create lead magnets in minutes. Give OpenRead a try for free.

Which type of lead magnet will you use on your website?

If you’ve decided on your lead magnet, head over to How to create lead magnets that your client would love.

For further reading on Lead Magnets and for more ideas Ahrefs has an article “17 Lead Magnet Examples + Tips on Topics & Traffic Sources”, that’s worth a read.

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