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OpenRead.io was built to solve our own problem first.

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We've been running paid lead generation campaigns for the past 10 years (Through L2W Digital, a lead generation agency), 5 of those years have been generating leads for Financial Advisors using lead magnets and free guides.

There was always a common problem: leads didn't seem to receive the guide and we didn't know who had actually read it too (we saw email opens and link clicks at best). We knew that if we solved this problems our contact and follow up rate would improve along with conversions too.

Which is where the idea of OpenRead.io came from.

We strongly believe in continuous improvement and there is no better way to do this than using automation and technology. We believe we have found a way to improve lead quality using OpenRead. We know this is true because we've used it with our own clients first.

Secondly we wanted to improve the process of creating lead magnets and funnels by giving users the ability to create everything they need to generate leads all in a single application too.

Hitesh Mistry,

Founder of OpenRead.io

If we help our clients, customers and partners win - we win too!

Hitesh Mistry, Founder of OpenRead.io & CEO of L2W Digital

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