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Know exactly WHEN a lead has read your lead magnet in REAL TIME, using a single platform. 

And without having to call every lead and having to use complex automation and systems.

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Let the Results Speak For Themselves!

See exactly which lead has read your lead magnet including real time notifications along with time spent.

Which results in more engagement and booked appointments.

Step 1: Create Your Lead Magnet

Create your  lead magnet in a matter of minutes using our easy to use builder. Turn engaged leads into clients instead of using your competitors.

"I love how OpenRead emails me in real time once a lead has read my lead magnet."
Charlotte Wertman, Fitzwilliams Financial

2. Promote Your Lead Magnet

Simply configure your landing page has pre-built for you. Share it every where to generate leads fast.

"Creating lead magnets has been amazingly quick using OpenRead. Being able to embed video is great for building trust"
Tom Heffron, CDC Advice

3. Convert More Leads Into Clients

You'll see exactly who has read your lead magnet enabling you to turn them into clients faster. You are not going to miss out on prospects who have read your lead magnet.

"I used tools such as Canva, Clickfunnels, ActiveCampaign and Zapier for my lead magnet funnels. I can't believe OpenRead provides the entire funnel in a single tool! "
Josh, EQB Strategy

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